an experiment.

I need to be writing and I haven’t been so I’m using you to hold me accountable, Dear Internet.

I’ve had various awesome, cool, dope, amazing, stellar, all of the above people in my life be kind enough to give me prompts, offer to read my writing, actually read my writing, give me notes, workshop my shit with me, and continuously remind me that I want to be doing this in hopes of keeping me accountable and it hasn’t really worked so far.

Why? Because I suck. (kidding, I’m trying to work on the negative self-talk)

But actually. I keep finding reasons to not actually do it.

Well, no more excuses. (god, this is so cliché and cheesy I am already regretting this)

I have this fun blog attached to my website that I never use, so let’s start.

Each day I need to write at least 300 words. What will I be writing?

Who fucking knows.

Stories, scripts, poems, songs, blog posts where I vomit my feelings into the ether… could be anything.

A lot of it will probably be really bad. And I’m posting it to the internet anyway because I’m an insane person …but you already knew that.

Here goes nothing.

Let’s begin!

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