I currently work as a Story Producer for a soon-to-be-announced television show created by Digomind Productions.

Previously, I worked as a Line Producer for Loot Crate, helping to produce all of their videos in addition to creating (directing, shooting, and editing) all of the channel's behind the scenes content. I additionally have directed and camera operated a hand full of interviews and more lifestyle based content for Loot Crate. For more information on Loot Crate Studios click thru here.  

Prior to that I worked as a Creative Producer at Freddie Wong's YouTube channel, RocketJump. I was part of a three person team that created all of the channel's behind the scenes and lifestyle based content.

The below listed videos are ones I directly created or had a major hand in.


Behind The Scenes: INVESTIGATE - Loot Crate April 2017 Theme Video

Behind The Scenes: PRIMAL - Loot Crate March 2017 Theme Video 

Interview with COLONY's Sarah Wayne Callies

Behind The Scenes: Wake & Bake with Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh

Behind The Scenes: BUILD - Loot Crate February 2017 Theme Video (Retro Giant Robot!)

Behind The Scenes: ORIGINS! - Loot Crate January 2017 Theme Video 

Behind The Scenes: REVOLUTION! - Loot Crate December 2016 Theme Video

$200 Paper Airplane Contest

Movie Meet-Up

The Chicken Test

We're On Twitch!

Cinematography/Editing Reel

Jane Be Jane - Official trailer DP & Trailer Editor - Edited in Final Cut 7

The Tracey Fragment's Mock Trailer - Edited in Avid

32nd Annual EVVY Awards - Alumni Award of Distinction - Edited in Avid