Time to get spooky.

I was watching Dracula last night so, you can see where this is going…


Two twenty-something young woman lounge in an apartment. One, NANCY, lies on the bed, sketching. The other, JOSIE, lies on her stomach on the floor, scrolling through her phone.

That’s it. I’m gonna do it!

You’re gonna do what?

This thing I keep seeing people post about
that the local amusement park is doing. You
stay in a coffin for 30 hours and if you can
tough it, you get 300 dollars.

You’re kidding, right?

JOSIE looks up from her phone at NANCY.

Why would I be kidding?

Because it’s idiotic.
I would give you 300 dollars not to do it.

JOSIE looks at NANCY expectantly.

Well, not really.
I don’t have that kind of money.
But I would in theory.

JOSIE sighs.

Well, there’s no other option then.

JOSIE sets down her phone and sits up, crosses her hands over her chest and mocks lowering herself into a coffin. We match cut to JOSIE lying in a coffin filled with dirt.


We watch the lid drop down from her point of view. It’s pitch black.

JOSIE (off-camera)
This isn’t so bad.

Six hours pass. JOSIE is getting anxious. Bits of light bleed through the creases of the coffin and dimly light her face.

JOSIE lifts up her fist to knock on the coffin door.


No response.

Hi, are there bathroom breaks?
I didn’t think to ask before I got in.
I seriously have to pee right now and
if I need to sit in this thing for another 24 hours
you’re not gonna want to open this coffin door when this is all over.

Still no response.

JOSIE begins to panic until she hears a ruffle from the other side of the coffin. Slowly, the door starts to creak open.

Looking down at her is a gaunt man, dressed in an all-black uniform, a black button up and slacks. He isn’t wearing a name tag, but he clearly looks like an employee of the park. There’s something oddly alluring about him.

He looks down at JOSIE and cocks his head slightly, smiling, but doesn’t say a word.

Thanks, I was worried I was actually trapped in there for a sec.

The man reaches his hand down to help JOSIE out of the coffin. It’s cold to the touch. You can tell she notices, but is too polite to say anything.

He gestures down a long, dark corridor.

After you.

The two walk down a dark hallway lit by synthetic torches. Soft sounds of an organ play in the distance. It’s generic Haunted House music, but the way it echoes through the halls almost makes it seem like it’s live.

They turn the corner into a hallway lined with mirrors. Josie automatically checks her appearance. She attempts to run her fingers through the knots in her hair that have formed from lying stagnant for several hours and notices she can’t see the reflection of her companion.

Whoa, hey. How’d you do that?

The Man looks in the mirror knowingly. He smirks.

A magician never reveals his secrets.

As the two continue down the hall the organ music gets louder. They start to descend a set of stairs and Josie sees the culprit of the droning music. The keys are moving, but no one’s playing it.

A player piano? I’ve heard about these,
but I’ve never seen one before.
Does it take requests?

Unfortunately, she does not.

Josie reaches the bottom of the stairs, The Man close behind her. But as her foot leaves the last step the organ stops abruptly and a bat comes flying out from underneath, scurrying off into the distance.

Josie lets out a shocked yelp.

(catching her breath)
God, was that real?

She turns to the man behind her, but he’s gone.

She looks around for him and spots a dim neon sign that says “WOMEN“ across the room.

(under her breath)

She enters the bathroom and walks all the way down to the end handicap stall. She tentatively pushes the door open and screams.

The Man is waiting behind the door. We have that classic slow-mo CU on The Man as he opens his mouth and goes to bite her.

Josie punches him square in the mouth.

Cut to black.